I was a people pleaser.
I suffered from Imposter Syndrome.
And I had Social Anxiety.


I performed as an assistant instead of the Lead, Partner and Head of Recruitment I was hired to be. I did not show up as a Business Partner to my team.

I learned that in order to get the life I wanted I needed to step up and into my worth. So my journey began by developing a sense of self, reinforcing and creating personal and professional boundaries and asking myself why and what would the most confident version of myself do? I stepped up and…

Built out recruitment organizations at fortune 500 companies like Sony, tech startups and MSP's servicing the finance industry.

I hired 100's of IT, Business Analysis and Program/Project Management professionals at various investment banks including - JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and Credit Suisse.

I negotiated the salaries of C-Suite Executives ranging from $350,000 a year to interns making $10 an hour.

I've presented Salary Negotiation fundamentals for 100+ job seekers during live and virtual workshops across the country.

I learned to show up confidently for my team and my clients.
I continually negotiate my own salary and...

at only 4 years of experience, I became a six-figure earner.

Now, I use my salary negotiation techniques to help job seekers like you to create a soul-aligned six-figure salary for yourself. 



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